Bring Five Friends (2016) EP Digital Download

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DOPE SODA: Bring Five Friends

Title : Bring Five Friends
Release Date : May 5, 2016
Format : Digital Download

Hey, cravers! Bring five friends along to enjoy the five songs on our third Dope Soda release. For fans of ska, rock, craft beer, the Magna Carta, rare bacteria, corn on the cob, Wheel of Fortune, and cats. Product of British Columbia.

Recorded by Michael Kenyon at Nimbus Studios.
Track 3 vocals recorded by Rick Salt at Mountainview Studios.
Track 3 shouts recorded by Greg Szabo.
Editing & Mixing by Lee Billwillar at EP Studios.
Mastering by Joel Sked at Forest Floor Studios.
Produced by Dave St. Jean and Matt Carter.

Andrew Fraser – Bass
Dave St Jean – Trombone / Lead Vocals Track 2 & 5.
Jesse McNeill – Drums
Matt Carter – Keyboards / Alto Sax / Lead Vocals Tracks 1,3 & 4.
Mike Clement – Guitar
Phil Hamelin – Trumpet



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